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About us

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Business Near Me, founded in 2016 offers a combined 50 Years of marketing experience and knowledge. The founders of Business Near Me have all owned a business in our professional past. We understand the difficulty SME's (Small/Medium Enterprises) have in organising, implementing and following through with a marketing strategy or business plan. Most of the time you are too busy doing your day to day tasks that your time is unavailable to help grow your business. Marketing and developing Business Blueprints should be left to the experts that have the time, knowledge and experience to provide your business with the most advanced and up to date strategies. Marketing is an ever changing field and if your not keeping up with those changes you could be falling behind. The need for marketing partnerships in small to medium businesses is essential for your business to continue to grow. You should be doing what your good at! Running your business. Let a online marketing agency like Business Near Me become a partner with you today, and let your business and bottom end benefit.