Business Startup Program

The Perfect Program For Your Startup Business
Business Startup Program

Business Near Me One on One Training Services - Business Startup Program

Do you have a new business idea but don’t know where to start?
Is it taking too long to start your new business?
Are you finding the process overwhelming?
Maybe it's time to get professional direction and guidance.

Business Near Me has launched many businesses inside and outside of Australia. We've spent time developing bulletproof systems, procedures, and structure which allows us to help you make it easier and quicker to launch your new business idea.
During this personal one on one training we will guide you through the processes to start your new business and explore the opportunities for your products, services and yourself as the owner of a new business.

1Who Is The Business Startup Program Suited For?
This program is custom tailored to your current needs and is suited to;
Someone who wants to start a new business from scratch.
Someone who wants to implement a new idea into their current business.
Someone who has already started a business and needs to implement new structure, systems, and marketing strategies.
2Why Would I Need It?
Is your new business stressful and overwhelming?
Are you starting your business while you are working another job?
Are you working so hard IN your business that you can'y work ON your business?

If you answered Yes to any of these questions then we can help.

Our programs are completely customised to your business and personal needs. Your business will grow naturally with our guidance and help you avoid the stagnation and stress while growing a business. We will guide you through time management, product management, services management and show you how to lead yourself and your team. Together we will develop your business structure, strategies, and the systems as a strong base for your success and future growth.

If you want more free time for yourself, your friends and family and know that you will be feeling relaxed that Business Near Me will be guiding you through your new growth, then this is for you!

3How Long Does It Take?
Our custom program is based on a long-term relationship with you and your business.
We will develop a time frame, schedule, and coaching pathway over a period of 6 to 12 months to ensure you reach your goals and you are set up for progress. Meetings and schedules will be customised to your needs. Usually, we will have meetings fortnightly or weekly to review and implement new action plans. At the end of each period, we will evaluate our actions and your success.
4What Will The Program Cost?
The price of the program depends on the size of the business and coaching agreement period. Please contact us to find out more and see if this program is suitable for your current financial situation.

All of us at Business Near Me understand that start-up businesses sometimes don't have the capital available for these essential growth services and programs. Sometimes starting a new business can drain your cash flow more than you like. Our payment plans can be of assistance to you in these circumstances.

5What Will I Get Out Of It?
A strong base for your business. You will be prepared for progress with developed effective marketing and business strategies.

Personal and business growth.

More revenue and more profit from your business.

6How Do I Start The Program?
To register your interest in this program please click on the ‘Request A Consultation’ button then fill in the form on our contact page and our consultant will be in contact with you soon. Our office is located in Jandakot and our coaching consultant can visit you when convenient to discuss program options.

Business Startup Program in Detail

  • Stage 1Introduction and Analysis Meeting

    Let's meet, talk about the business you want to build, find out who you are and how we can incorporate our strategies to develop your plan.
  • Stage 2Find Your Niche and Identify Your Avatar

    Your target niche and market will be discovered with our tools and expertise. Let us show you how to specifically develop your Avatar, ideal client and your brand. Together we will work on your products and services.
  • Stage 3Define Your Profile and Brand

    Create the profile and content that will be used for sales and advertising material. Develop your product details and strategies.
  • Stage 4Building the Business's Foundation

    Setup your business culture and structure, guiding you through our four-dimensional model to create the best, unshakeable base for your business.

    If a house without strong foundations will not survive for a long time. Let's build your business strong, from the start!
    A business also needs professionals like accountants, marketers, business coaches, lawyers and business advisors to be a successful strong business. We will create a strategic plan, goals and KPIs together.

  • Stage 5Marketing and Sales Strategies

    While analysing and developing business and sales strategies, We'll guide you through possible marketing strategies to create a client base. The most important thing is to generate leads and turn them into sales.

    Preparation of your first strategic plan.

  • Stage 6Implementation

    Implementing your first business and marketing strategy using our recommended tools throughout different platforms.
  • Stage 7Measuring and Evaluation

    Benchmarking and KPIs will be set up and together we will measure your progress. If required, implement one or two strategies and measure this progress. Depending on results we will continue with the successful strategy or implement new ones.
  • Stage 8People

    In this part of your growth, we will have a look at more options to progress, like implementing the best hiring process we've created for success - We are the experts in workplace teams and people. Using statistical Ensure the team you have should be involved in your growth strategy.
    Further training and other programs can be developed to suit your new business needs.