Sales Training Perth

Improve the Efficiency of Your Sales Team!

Sales Training Perth

Certified Sales Training Courses in Perth - Sales Training tailored to your needs.

Sales are the key to success and a great Sales Crew is the key to future progress and growing your business to the next level.
Our work and experience produce a sales management curriculum and technique that has been proven to change the behaviours of sales teams and managers. It’s effective because it targets the heart of the sale — the relationship between the buyer and seller. Often there’s plenty of leads and opportunity, but they’re either not being converted, or done so at low price points, and affecting profitability. You’ll learn how to easily master the 8-Step sales conversion strategy, to immediately be able to have a significant impact on your sales results and bottom line. You’ll learn how to use objections to encourage a 'YES' from your prospects and how to have them make buying decisions because they feel connected with you, rather than pushing a 'HARD SELL'. Sales Coaching isn't just for the sales staff as all personnel can benefit from understanding the sales mindset.

Through this course, we’ll teach you the 5 Dimensions of human behaviour, the ultimate 100 persuasive language patterns, and what your potential clients fear and how to overcome those fears.
Your team will learn and be able to apply forward-thinking skills and strategies to sell naturally and form great relationships.

1What Is Sales Training?
Sales is the key to success. Our sales training is custom training to your business and needs. We will teach you sales techniques and how to recognise your client’s needs.
2Who Is It Suited For?
Sales training is developed for leaders, business owners or sales managers.
3Why Would I Need It?
Would you like to know how to get the clients? Would you like to know your clients and know what sales message will sell them the best? Do you need to increase the revenue through new marketing and digital marketing strategies? Would you like to know more about the sales strategies and how to implement new strategies into your business or work? Would you like to grow your profits? Would you like to be able to sell yourself and your product naturally while you are having honest conversation and creating relationship with potential prospect? If you answered yes to any of those questions, this training is for you.
4How Long Does It Take?
Sales training is from one to three days of training depends on the size of the team and your needs.
5How Much Is This Training?
The price of the training depends on the size of the business and team members you have. Please call us for free online or phone session to find out more and create the quote for your business.
6What Will I Get Out Of It?
You will learn how to recognise your potential client and how to communicate to each type of potential prospect to sale and to achieve the best outcome.
7How Do I Sign Up For The Training?
To register your interest in this program please click on the ‘Request A Consultation’ button then fill in the form on our contact page and our consultant will be in contact with you soon.

Sales Training - The Steps

  • Stage 1'Your Needs' - Analysis

    During our first meeting, we analyze your training needs and run a diagnostic assessment that will help to see where the gaps and strengths are in your sales.
  • Stage 2Creating Tailored Sales Training

    Using proven techniques and models we will show your team some of the best sales practices and techniques in the industry. We run our training based on different stages of learning and interaction, tailoring the training to your services and product needs.
  • Stage 3Approval

    A presentation will be showcased of the training you and your team will receive. We will explain the timing and how many people we can have in the training group.
  • Stage 4Training With Your Team

    Implementation and training with your team. We will meet with each member of your team and ensure they are implementing the new strategies they have learned.
  • Stage 5Evaluation and Feedback

    A final report will be created for you to see what has to be implemented next and how to work with your team so they will grow and have ongoing sales skills.