Email Marketing

Creating offers for a warm audience you already have.
Email Marketing

An Incredible Return On Investment - Emails Are Cheap!

Email marketing is an excellent marketing strategy if done right.

If you have a Client database, email marketing is a great way to get in direct contact with ‘warm leads’. These people already know your brand. It’s cheap, effective and done correctly can have a great success rate.

An opt in email campaign allows you to keep your existing Clients or even potential Clients updated with specials, new products and services, promotions and company announcements.

With email automation programs, these campaigns can be set up relatively easy and become a normal part of your business’s day to day marketing strategy.

1Who Is It Suited For?
Email Marketing is great for any business with a database of Client email addresses.
2Why Would I Need It?
This form of marketing is known as warm marketing because this is a warm audience that is already aware of your brand, as opposed to cold calling for example that is unfamiliar.
3How Much Is It?
It’s very cost effective. The ROI can be high to other marketing strategies and charges depend on the amount of work involved in setting up the campaigns.
4What Will I Get Out Of It?
The aim of an Email Marketing Campaign is more sales and revenue from your business’s existing Clients and Clients that have opted into email marketing campaigns and communications.
5How Do I Get It?
Interested? Click the ‘Request A Consultation’ button on this page and fill in the contact form. Our consultant will be in contact with you soon!

Email Marketing Process

  • Stage 1Consultation

    A consultant with Business Near Me will meet with you to discuss your advertising requirements and the products your business offers. Together we will develop a marketing strategy that will work for your business.
  • Stage 2Planning and Strategies

    Your new email campaigns will be developed with the new product offerings, specials, sales or company announcements your business is planning to have. The email release will be planned to suit the strategies for these new campaigns.
  • Stage 3Mock Design

    Our design team will begin work on all the emails that need to be created. Once you approve the designs the build stage will commence.
  • Stage 4Implementation

    Using automated software the entire campaign is loaded and formatted to suit the campaign specifics being timing, sequences and autoresponders.

    You then hit the ‘Go’ button.

  • Stage 5Review and Audit

    Reviewing the analytics from email marketing campaigns will give you an indication of the success rates. Making slight changes known as ‘Split A/B Testing’ can enhance the effectiveness of future campaigns.