Influencer Marketing

Use Local Celebrities To Enhance Your Branding Position
Influencer Marketing

Use The Power Of Social Media Word Of Mouth For Your Business!

Influencer Marketing, done properly, can be an incredibly powerful digital advertising avenue for your business. If you sell physical products, we can enlist a niche specific Influencer from our pool of hundreds of thousands of Instagram users we utilise to showcase products.

Having a social media influencer showcase your products can be more powerful than any other type of brand recognition advertising on the planet!

Maybe you are marketing a new meal supplement drink? Let us use one of our Social Media Celebrities who is a fitness fanatic to help you increase sales! Some of these celebrities have more than 100,000 followers! And they’re interested in fitness!

Fee dependent, these Instagram ‘stars’ will happily showcase your products in their day to day life activities with a script we have prepared together.

Instagram Influencer Marketing can be more powerful than movie or television celebrities’ general endorsement of a product as it is targeting an audience already niche specified.

Influencer Marketing isn’t limited to the stars of Instagram. Television and movie stars can be used - but may limit the niche specific audience.

1Who Is It Suited For?
Influencer Marketing can generate amazing results if you have an e-commerce store, or sell products through another outlet. It’s generally accepted that it works less well for services.
2Why Would I Need It?
Influencer Marketing is a proven and effective means of boosting sales almost instantly.
3How Much Is It?
Influencer Marketing pricing can range from $100 to $100,000+. The price is dependent on a number of factors, including:
  • The number of followers an Influencer has;
  • The market they cover;
  • The fee requested by the Influencer;
  • How ‘famous’ the Influencer is;
  • The duration of the Influencer Marketing campaign;
  • The number of ads in the campaign;
  • Equipment hire requirements - does a filming stage need to be built?;
  • Business Near Me’s Management Fee.
4What Will I Get Out Of It?
Increased sales and revenue for your business and products. The ROI can be incredibly good for this type of advertising. Generally, only a small outlay is required:
  • Influencer Marketing campaign cost;
  • Cost of the product;
  • Shipping of product;
  • Hire equipment (if required);
  • Management fees.
5How Do I Get It?
Interested? Click the ‘Request A Consultation’ button on this page and fill in the contact form. Our consultant will be in contact with you soon!

Influencer Marketing - The Stages

  • Stage 1Consultation

    During a preliminary meeting, we’ll discuss the options available to you. We will talk about the options, pricing, Influencers and how this platform can dramatically increase the sales of your product.
  • Stage 2Planning

    We will prepare the advertising layout, staged environment and the advertising concept, including comparing a few ideas for you to go over until you’ve found something you think will work perfectly for your product.
  • Stage 3Research

    Once the concept of the advertisement has been prepared, we’ll jump into our pool of Instagram Influencers and find the perfect advertising partner to work with us on your project. Finding the perfect partner is where our team’s experience come into play.
  • Stage 4Contact

    Once we have a few potential candidates, we will get in contact with them - we become your broker! With our proven strategies we can work out ways to reduce your advertising spend sometimes to figures you wouldn’t believe!

    Working closely with these ‘Influencers’, we can devise the script and planning for the staged Instagram posts for their potentially hundreds of thousands of followers to see.

  • Stage 5Negotiating

    We’ll come back to you with the cost of your investment in the program. If you’re not happy and think it should be better, we’ll work on brokering you a better deal.
  • Stage 6Implementation

    Once everything has been set up, and contracts and non disclosure agreements have been signed we will initiate the program. Enjoy the flood of leads from your new endorser!