Pay Per Click Advertising

The Way Your Potential Customers Find You Online, Through Clicks!
Pay Per Click Advertising

Tailor Made Campaigns To Suit Your Business.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising has been around for a while, and you would have seen it through your day to day internet browsing.

PPC comes in many forms but shouldn’t be confused with >>Search Engine Marketing (SEM). The difference is that Search Engine Marketing concentrates only on the search engines, whereas PPC as a whole covers all online advertising (with clickable links) From Images, Videos and Text adverts PPC is largely the most used online advertising platform out there.

Using PPC for your campaigns can be very effective and give you a great Return On Investment (ROI). Being able to track, monitor and alter these ads can allow you to use an aggressive advertising strategy tailored to the products and services your business offers.

PPC also allows for Remarketing advertising, which is a cost effective form of advertising targeting existing website visitors.

Some of the factors that can be included with a PPC campaign are;

  • Geo Targeting
  • Keyword Triggering
  • Time Targeting
  • Demographic Control
  • Placement Control
  • Platform Control
  • And many more.
  • This makes PPC a wise choice for any marketing strategy.

1Who Is It Suited For?
PPC can be used by any business type. If you have a business then PPC is for you!
2Why Would I Need?
The world’s leading brands use PPC to their advantage. It works for them! PPC will grow your business, and with the statistical reporting available from PPC, this can let you know if you need to modify or change your advertising plan, increasing your ROI.
3How Much Is It?
PPC advertising expenditure is completely up to your marketing budget. We’ll happily work with any budget your business has in mind. We have a management fee for PPC campaigns that are very affordable for the work and optimisation you gain out of it.
4What Will I Get Out Of It?
You will get higher sales, higher revenue and a larger client base if these campaigns are successful. We’ve never come across an advertising campaign that didn’t bring a positive ROI. If we think it wouldn’t, we wouldn’t want you to go ahead with it.
5How Do I Get It?
If you are interested in starting a PPC campaign, please click on the ‘Request A Consultation’ button on the page, fill in the contact form and our consultant will be in contact soon.

Pay Per Click Advertising Process

  • Stage 1Planning and Overview

    A consultant with Business Near Me will meet with you and discuss your online advertising requirements.
    Planning and design of the advertisements will be created how you would like them.
  • Stage 2Placement

    Advertising accounts will be set up by us for you, on the required advertising platforms. Campaigns will be created and when ready we’ll press the go button.
  • Stage 3Optimisation

    When these ads begin to run, the advertising platforms will require a few weeks of ‘Optimisation’ time to learn how and where these ads perform best. This requires manual input from our experts too, changing bid strategies, adjusting bid amounts and reviewing the keywords that trigger your ads. If there are some keywords you would not like to be showing for we can change the keyword setting and remove your ads for certain triggers.

    This optimisation is an ongoing investment that's necessary to run successful campaigns. Pay Per Click Advertising campaigns are not a turn on and leave approach.
  • Stage 4Recommendations and Improvements

    Now that the campaign/s have been running for some time, enhancements may be brought to our attention and supplied to you on top of the optimisation process. Extra keywords or seasonal products can be removed or added as required to suit your business model.
  • Stage 5Reporting

    Easy to understand monthly reporting will be sent to you with all the details you’ll need. Easily determine your budgeting and compare it to your sales to calculate an ROI for your efforts.
  • Stage 5Ongoing Optimisation and Support

    PPC Campaigns while running, will always need to be adjusted, modified and looked after. The team at Business Near Me will monitor your campaigns closely and notify you when changes or adjustments need to be made.