Social Media Marketing

Be Social and Express Your Business To New Clients!
Social Media Marketing

Social Media is one of the most effective tools a business can employ in its Marketing Strategy today.

Social Media Management includes Social Media Advertising on all platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and Snapchat.

Advertising on Social Media platforms allows you to showcase your products and services to an audience you know already interacts well with them, as opposed to Search Engine Marketing which shows your adverts in front of people with buyer intent.

The effectiveness of traditional forms of advertising - television, radio, print media, billboards - fails miserably when compared to Social Media advertising. Traditional advertisements can target in only two ways - location and time. Social Media advertising campaigns can target a very specific audience using combinations of a large array of criteria such as: Location, Age, Sex, Language, Relationship Status, Education, Work, Industry, Job Title, Financial Status, Home Ownership Status, Ethnicity, Parental Status, Life Events/Stressors, Political Views, Hobbies/Interests, Entertainment Preferences, Fitness/Health/Wellbeing, Food and Drink Preferences, Shopping/Fashion, Technology Behaviour, Automotive Preferences.

More detailed sorting options can be programmed if required.

Professional management of your Social Media profiles is imperative to fully exploit this powerful platform.

1Who Is It Suited For?
Social Media Marketing can be used by any business type!
2Why Would I Need?
Social Media Marketing is cheap, effective and quick. It can be automated to save you time. It can be analysed and modified as required, increasing your Return On Investment (ROI).
3How Much Is It?
Social Media Marketing expenditure is completely up to your marketing budget. We’ll happily work with any budget your business has in mind. We have Social Media Marketing campaigns that are very affordable and provide a very attractive reward for effort.
4What Will I Get Out Of It?
A properly constructed Social Media Marketing plan will get your business higher sales, higher revenue and a larger client base.
5How Do I Get It?
If you're interested in starting a Social Media Marketing campaign, please click on the ‘Request A Consultation’ button on the page, fill in the contact form and our consultant will contact you soon.

Search Engine Marketing Process

  • Stage 1Initial Meeting

    A consultant with Business Near Me will meet with you to discuss your advertising requirements and the products your business offers. Together we will develop a Social Media Marketing strategy that will work for your business.
  • Stage 2Planning and Overview

    Campaign(s) will be created in line with your company profile and the products/services you offer - and the intended Social Media. We will match your product/service with the best suited platform(s).
  • Stage 3Optimisation

    When these campaigns begin to run, the advertising platforms will require a few weeks of ‘Optimisation’ time to learn how and where these ads/posts perform best. This requires manual input from our experts too, changing and adjusting strategies and reviewing the placement of your ads.

    Optimisation is an ongoing investment that necessary to run successful campaigns. Social Media Marketing campaigns are not a ‘turn on and leave’ approach.

  • Stage 4Recommendations and Improvements

    Once a campaign has been running for some time, enhancements may be brought to our attention and supplied to you on top of the optimisation process.
  • Stage 5Reporting

    Easy to understand monthly reporting will be sent to you with all the details you’ll need to easily compare your sales to your budget and ensure that your ROI matches your efforts.
  • Stage 6Ongoing Optimisation and Support

    Social Media Marketing campaigns will always need to be adjusted, modified and looked after. The team at Business Near Me will monitor your campaigns closely and notify you when changes or adjustments need to be made.