Viral Marketing

Winning The Marketing Lottery!
Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing, From Zero to Hero Instantly!

Viral Marketing is like winning the marketing lottery. Extensive strategic planning is required for these campaigns and results are not guaranteed. Generally, Viral Marketing is created with videos and can range from 10 seconds to 5 minutes. It needs to engage the audience immediately and bring as many emotions as possible within the short time frame. Do you remember the young child saying ‘Charlie bit my finger!’? Or the ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’?

Viral marketing can make your business go from zero to hero in the blink of an eye. The budget for these campaigns will generally be more expensive but the pay can be incredible!

This service isn’t for everyone but we’d love you to enlist us to create a new viral marketing campaign.

1Who Is It Suited For?
Any business owner, although more suited to products your business sells.
2Why Would I Need It?
Nobody needs a Viral Campaign, but EVERYONE wants one!
3How Much Is It?
Viral Campaigns are usually the most invested campaigns taken into production. The work, research and planning steps in these campaigns can run into 10’s of 1000’s of man hours for a forced Viral Campaign.
4What Will I Get Out Of It?
Generally speaking, an ROI on expenditure can sometimes be attained depending on many factors. As Viral Marketing cannot be a guaranteed service, we make no promises.
5How Do I Get It?
If you would like to book a consultation with one of our experts please click on the ‘Request A Consultation’ button on this page, and fill in the contact form.

Viral Marketing Process

  • Stage 1Consultation

    Meeting with you to discuss the requirements of this project, together we’ll discuss the product, strategies and placements this advertising can work.
  • Stage 2In Depth Analysis

    Once we’ve got the basics, we’ll prepare in depth analysis of competitors, recent advertising opportunities, recent advertising placements and other points important to this form of advertising.
  • Stage 3Planning

    Although nobody can guarantee results with this advertising, we do everything in our power to give your campaigns the best shot! Going as far as knowing the human physiological responses to shapes and patterns will be important to enhance the effect of it. Have you ever heard of the Fibonacci Spiral aka The Golden Spiral before?

    Planning will be intensive and time consuming.

  • Stage 4Presentation of Ideas

    First Impression Counts.
    We’ll present to you a number of ideas we’ve managed to create. If it's not loved at first sight we’ll drop it, if it is… maybe this is the next viral video?
  • Stage 5Modifications

    Modifications you have requested are completed and testing can be presented to a panel of members from the public randomly chosen.
  • Stage 6Approval

    We’ll seek approval from all parties, including audiences that have seen the end product. Once we are all certain we’ll prepare for the next step.
  • Stage 7Preparation

    Preparation for delivery is a very involved step. Ensuring this ad is displayed on hundreds of different platforms at the correct local time will be important. There’s no point releasing a video in the USA at 11 pm.
  • Stage 8Implementation

    Once ready, and all the boxes are ticked… ‘It’s Show Time!’
    Measuring the success and views, leads and sales from this campaign to measure the ROI. Generally, depending on the budget, a positive ROI is usually attainable. Will this campaign take you to the moon? That’s the big question.