Application Development

Your Partner For Your New Application Idea
Application Development

Design and Development of Web and Mobile Applications

Web and Mobile Application Development is an in depth process that requires solid experience in all aspects of Digital Marketing.Our Application Development team specialise in coding that suits web (server side) and mobile based applications. Coding can be done in HTML5, PHP, Java, Swift, C++ and C# depending on the requirements and placements of the Applications.

From the original idea to the end product, Business Near Me will go through the process to build your Application from scratch, ensuring all the correct steps are made so no problems arise in the future.

1Who Is It Suited For?
Do you have an idea for an ‘App’? Don’t know how to go about getting it made? Contact us!
2Why Would I Need It?
Using an experienced company for your startup application will help you develop an Application seamlessly. Our expert advice and experience will ensure your Application will be built to the highest standards.
3How Much Will It Cost?
Pricing so often varies depending on the requirement of the Application and Application Development is no different. If you would like to discuss pricing, please contact us. Please note as standard practice, we will sign a Non Circumvention Non Disclosure Agreement with you.
4What Will I Get Out Of It?
An Application built to the highest standards, released to the public the right way, with a company that will support you and give you access to the best advertising platforms available. Coupled with our Business Coaching and Digital Marketing services, your Application will have the best shot at success.
5How Do I Get It?
If you’re interested to speak with us, please click on the ‘Request A Consultation’ button on this page, fill in the contact form, and a consultant will be in contact with you soon.

Application Development Process

  • Stage 1Initial Overview

    During a meeting with you, we’ll discuss the wants and needs for your Application idea and collect all the information from you while collaborating with us about what the end product will be.
  • Stage 2Features Planning

    We’ll begin talks with our development team about suggestions, improvements, features and other factors that could be included in the Application.
  • Stage 3Features Overview

    Once we have compiled all the required data we’ll conduct a ‘features meeting’ to ensure we will be creating your Application as best it can be. It must be fully functional, feature rich, user-friendly and fit to task as soon as it hits the market. Users must be satisfied with the end product when it is released.
  • Stage 4Design Planning

    We will supply you with tools to begin the process of sketching the design - known in the industry as wireframes - giving our design team a visual idea of what you want.
  • Stage 5Design Approval

    During the design stage, tweaks, modifications and improvements might need to be made at your request. Viewing a design in its final form on your phone is different to a drawing on paper or large monitor. Other changes might need to be done once you can see the final product. This stage will be completed only once you are happy with the designs.
  • Stage 6Code Writing

    Once the designs have been approved, preparations will be made to write the code. This process requires all the designs to be completed and in final form.
  • Stage 7Concept Stage

    The first concept of the Application will be presented to you. Depending on your requirements our beta testing team can run through the Application to ensure all the steps do what they are meant to do. All the features of the Application will be tested so you know they do what they are meant to do.
  • Stage 8Application Approval

    You approve your new Application for release to the market. An important part of the success of an Application release is Digital Marketing and we recommend that release of your Application be made in conjunction with a Digital Marketing Plan.
    If you choose, we can submit your Application to the appropriate ‘App Stores’ for you.