Website Design, Development and Maintenance

Business Near Me's website design team have a vast knowledge and experience in creating and processing ideas into websites.
Website Development

Your website is more than just an Internet page, it is the biggest online asset for your business!

Business Near Me uses WordPress - the Content Management System used by some of the biggest websites in the world. It is user friendly, mobile friendly, easily customisable and integrates extremely well with high end SEO campaigns.

CNN, Ebay, Microsoft and Forbes are just some of the world's best known websites built with WordPress. It's a powerful website builder and our experts have extensive experience working with this platform.

Coupled with Search Engine Optimisation and Business Coaching these services can help improve your company's performance significantly.

1I Have A Small Business, Do I Need A Website?

A business that isn't online is most certainly losing customers to their competitors that are online. A website is the first point of call for most people to find a local business in their area.

2How Do I Manage My Website Once Built?
Once your site is built with Business Near Me, You have the choice of either 'Hands On Management' where we will show you everything to manage your new site, or 'Hands Off Management' where we will do all this for you.
3How Long Does It Take To Build A Website?
Generally a small business website with provided content and images could be built within a few weeks. A new content website with 50+ pages could take over three months. We will provide you with a more accurate time frame at our Design and Planning stage.
4How Much Does A Website Cost?
Photographers, Content Writers, Developers and Graphic Designers are all required to build a one off, professional website. Your website will undergo a Quality Assurance process to ensure it is of the highest standard.

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Website Design and Development Process

  • Stage 1Domain Name and Website Hosting

    Business Near Me can assist you with securing a suitable domain name for your website.
    We offer our clients Cloud Hosting with incredibly fast page loading speeds. This ensures a user friendly experience that encourages your potential customer to stay on your website longer and return to it in the future.
  • Stage 2Design and Planning

    Bringing your ideas to life involves planning the website layout, images, content and how you want it to behave. We will discuss with you your avatar, your target market, and design a style of website best suited to deliver your product or service.
  • Stage 3Website Building Stage

    During the Website Building Stage you will be able to see it grow and have the option to make changes as you require.
  • Stage 4Testing and Approval

    Once your website has been built and you approve the final design, we thoroughly test it on all user platforms to make sure there are no compatibility issues. Mobile devices account for more than 60% of all online usage - a compelling reason for us to ensure that your website is mobile friendly.
  • Stage 5Going Live!

    After all the building, testing and final steps have been put in place, it's time for your website to go live to the world. We let the Search Engines know your website is ready and live, configure your Google Analytics so we can see how users are using your new website, submit you sitemaps and setup Search Engine control panels with Google and Bing.
  • Stage 6Ongoing Website Maintenance

    Your website is now up and running. Fantastic! Now comes the important part of ensuring your website is kept up to date with the theme, plugins and security. Backups are automatically scheduled. We analyse your website on an ongoing basis to improve the experience for users so they are more likely to convert into customers.
  • Stage 7Quarterly Reporting

    Our analysing tools allow us to see how many users are interacting with your website. Location, Demographics, Click Through Rate, Bounce Rate and User Flow are just a few of the factors we analyse and report to you.
  • Stage 8Updating Content

    Let your customers know of new products or services that you have brought on stream, changes/developments in your business, or any other news relevant to the way they interact with your business. There are numerous ways to do this including a blog or news announcements on the website. We can show you how to do this or do it for you.