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Although traditional forms of advertising (television, radio, the newspaper) are not obsolete by any means, they have all been overshadowed by the power of the Internet. Nowadays, it is  the best way to get your message out into the world.Social Media websites have become increasingly popular and have opened up new opportunities for businesses to attract customers through social media marketing.

But utilising Social Media to grow your business is a tedious task. There are dozens of social networks you can join, and each one has different guidelines and algorithms for growth. Consider Instagram and Facebook for example – for whatever product or service you are selling, you are going to need to have a unique approach. Instagram is an image-oriented social network, whereas Facebook focuses on various content such as plain text, images, and videos.
Spreading the word about your business is healthy when trying to grow but if done incorrectly it can yield unwanted results. There are several things that you should keep in mind before you even start promoting or advertising your business on Social Media.

Have a plan

It is ludicrous to start a Social Media marketing campaign without having a plan in mind. There are several questions related to your business that you need to consider before starting your Social Media marketing campaign otherwise you will be ‘wandering in the dark’:

    • What are you trying to achieve?
    • What is your target audience?
    • On which platforms do you want to be influential?
    • How much energy are you willing to invest?

The following categories all relate to this plan in one way or another.


Identify your audience

You should know your target audience –  that is, for whom is your product intended. For example, if you are selling yoga equipment, you need to know that your Social Media campaigns target people who practice yoga. Additionally, if you are selling products in a highly competitive market you would also need to narrow down your audience, So let’s say you would target people from Melbourne, aged between 30 and 40, who practice yoga.

Likewise, different Social Media platforms have different demographic groups using them. For example, it has been documented that Facebook has more female users than both Twitter and Instagram. This means that if you are advertising women’s products that it would be wiser to focus on Facebook.

Know your competitors

It is important to know your competitive landscape in order to succeed. While it is beneficial to focus on your own marketing work, searching on Google will reveal who are your local competitors and the strategies they are using.

This is not so you can copy someone’s ideas verbatim but so that you can see where they have succeeded and failed and in that way learn from their mistakes. This will make you less likely to make those same mistakes. Conversely, if you see that something a competitor is doing is working out well, then consider taking a page out of their book and modifying it to make it your own—even better!

It also provides you with an opportunity to see what kind of content is offered on the market, so that you can offer original ideas or slip into an established niche.

Consider what type of content you are trying to promote

This goes hand-in-hand with carefully choosing your platform. For instance, if you are a travel business or photography blog, then you will be able to gain a lot of value from platforms such as Instagram or Pinterest, which are largely image-based. This is because a lot of your marketing material will be in the form of images. On the other hand, a marketing company would probably benefit more from Facebook or Twitter, which are more text-based.
Advertising your content on the right platform can go a long way towards increasing its popularity.

Create your brand’s image and stick to it

This a very important aspect of any marketing campaign, and it applies just as well to online, Social Media marketing. Your business should have a certain image that you a trying to project. This image should be consistent across different posts and platforms. Although you may share your marketing material on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many other Social Media platforms, you must keep the core image and philosophy of your business the same.

Think about hashtags and sharing

It is always important to keep users viewing and enjoying your content, but the greatest exposure happens when your content is shared a lot. Sharing exposes your content to more people and makes them more likely to be interested in it as it has already been recommended in a way by their friends.
Hashtags have recently found their way to almost every major social network and are a great way to inspire sharing as they can be marketed to be for a specific cause or lifestyle. Make your content attractive, non-embarrassing—something people would love to share with their friends and family.

Have realistic expectations

Building up a presence on social media platforms takes time and effort, and it is likely that success will not come to you overnight. You must carefully manage the timing of your posts, how you handle your messages and be generally mindful of how you interact with your audience.
You also need to have quite an in-depth understanding of your market, and even then you might have to wait for a few months or even a year before you start to see a return on your investment. Once you do, however, it will all be worth it.

Realize that you have more options than you may think

When we say Social Media, immediately what comes to mind are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram but you need not limit yourself to just these ones. True, the traffic on these might be higher than on other sites, but it is still worth considering that you may find opportunities elsewhere. Wikipedia alone lists over 200 social media websites.

Measure your success with analytics

Over the course of your Social Media marketing campaign, it will be handy to know which posts and strategies yielded the most value over time. You do not need advanced software for this. Google Analytics is a perfectly reasonable option for tracking your progress. This is important to keep track of as it will show you which of your posts are garnering the most attention, and which are mostly ignored so that you can keep doing what works and stop doing what does not.


Who are we and how can we help?

While it is perfectly doable to go about managing your own online and social media marketing campaigns, it is usually the source of a lot of unnecessary stress and struggle. With too many resources poured into trying to manage the marketing side of things, Small/Medium Enterprise (SME) owners can neglect the very business which they are trying to advertise.

This is why it is beneficial to have a service do it for you. Business Near Me is just such a service, and one of the best in the business. Its founders have all owned a business in the past, and know how to successfully market a product. They also understand the struggles that an SME goes through in its formative period and know how to help you implement and follow through with a marketing or business plan.

Marketing is everything nowadays and the handling of it along with Business Blueprints is best left to the experts. An expert with their full time dedicated to promoting your content is going to be much more effective at it than someone who has their hands tied doing other stuff, like managing a business (aka, you!).

Business Near Me can provide you with help and advice on all categories of online advertising, including social media marketing. If you have any questions or trouble with things similar to those mentioned in this post, rest assured that you will find help here.

So let the experts do the marketing and you focus on what you do best, which is managing your business. It is this kind of symbiosis that produces optimal results.

Final thoughts

In this post we have provided you with a list of steps and things to keep in mind concerning Social Media marketing so that you can handle it successfully.

As we have said in the end, if you should have any trouble marketing your content on your own, then there is no shame in asking for help from people who are veterans in the business. In fact, such a relationship usually ends up being beneficial for both parties. It is a risky, uncertain, and unforgiving world out there in the realm of social media marketing, but with the proper help, mindset, and tools, then hopefully you can emerge from it with more than a fair profit.

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